Fourth of July Camping Adventure … Day 1: The Hunt for Food

The men of USF Koinonia reached the trailhead and piled into our cars.  With the sun setting over Emerald Bay behind us, we zoomed off to get some food!

The plan: Wilson’s crew head to Granite Flat to set up camp, Matthew’s crew head over to Save-Mart (located 1 mile from campsite … that’s right, baby, no food prep!)

However, as we neared our respective destinations, we received some wonderful news: the brothers of Berkeley Praxis (post-graduate singles/couples  ministry of Berkeley Gracepoint), who were also staying at Granite Flat, had in Gracepoint fashion prepared an abundance of food and invited us to join them for a modest dinner of fresh-off-the-grill tri-tip with all the trimmings!  Famished and very grateful, we were the undeserving beneficiaries of their generosity and hospitality.  Thank you, Praxis brothers and sisters!  What a “Simply Gracepoint” moment!

[Sorry, no pictures or videos available … we were busy eating!]

Though no footage of the feasting was filmed, there still is this post-dinner interview with one of the men of USF Koinonia:

With dwindling sunlight, we went to our campsite and started to break camp.  To see videos of our amateur setup and photos of the campfire, click {here}.


6 Responses to Fourth of July Camping Adventure … Day 1: The Hunt for Food

  1. becky says:

    And I thought you guys would be roughing it when you packed canned food…

  2. akim says:

    Tri-tips and Praxis – that’s a great combination, because they can cook!

  3. jennchen says:

    I agree…or maybe it just means there are more posts to comment on! =)

  4. Sean says:

    Wow, this is like “choose your own adventure”

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