USF Koinonia Bible Study & Games & Singing Practice 5/1/09

Twilight Zone

We watched a spooky “Twilight Zone” episode that talked about masks, where the characters wore the faces of all that was inside them and would wear those faces the rest of their lives.   This illustrated the point that when we wear different masks, we lose our identity and do not know who we are.

Exodus 3

We also saw a video of different people sharing what their masks were when they entered college.  Lastly, we went over the passage of God speaking to Moses in Exodus 3 and discussed how Moses was full of conflict and did not know who he was until God told him who he was.


Afterwards, we played “Push On” and “The Store Game.”  There were some funny moments including someone in our group not realizing “Push On” was over (1…2….go).

After that, we did some wedding practice for an upcoming wedding…


2 Responses to USF Koinonia Bible Study & Games & Singing Practice 5/1/09

  1. rtjhen says:

    Thanks sean for remembering the little stories…I’m going to miss Vincent Hao Ye. It’s those moments that trigger the flood of memories. Thanks for being our special reporter.

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