End of the Year Potluck 5/7/09

Year in Review

This was our last bible study on USF campus for the school year.  We ate…and ate…a lot of food.  There were many highlights to the potluck, the dried fried chicken, the asparagus, the chicken, the beef, the Chinese vegetable, the ice cream pie.  It was quite a feast.

We then watched a slide show recaping the year and watched a video of different sharings by students answering “What was the most memorable moment of the year?” and “What did you learn about God this year?”

History of Koinonia

Then Matthew gave a message and a history lesson, describing the history of Koinonia and how we are fulfilling the Great Commission through sharing with students the good news of the gospel.  He urged us to do our part and pass on the gospel to next year’s new students.

Family Feud

After the message, we played a very exciting and fun game of Family Fued.  The sisters (“Supercali…”) beat the brothers (“Game Over!”) in a close match.  There were some pretty memorable moments including Judy and Becky being picked as someone to call when you have a flat tire, and Harry being called the shortest person in USF Koinonia.

Til Next Semester…

The New Student Welcome Night will be 9/10/09, so stay tuned!

Group Picture

Funny Picture


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