Pretty Random USF Koinonia Videos

“Don’t Get Burned”

“The Tale of Three Sluggers”

“Commercial Contest”

“Three Little Pigs”

Announcements from Cassandra, Chisu, and Tammy


11 Responses to Pretty Random USF Koinonia Videos

  1. jennchen says:

    Haha…I like the “Don’t Get Burned” video, and the trivia for each segment! Is that Rich Lin laughing in the background?

    Also, is it just me, or did Sean say “You burned myself!” in the second take of the first segment?

  2. jennchen says:

    haha…interesting how the name of this page changed 😛

  3. anna says:

    I like the random videos! There must be more…

  4. Angell says:

    Go Bruce! Maybe he thought he hit a home run and was admiring it =) Great videos.

  5. echow says:

    In my defense, it was a long single because the whole outfield backed up and spread out. I could not find a gap to hit to. It landed in front of them since they backed up so far. 😀 What a great day!

  6. Mike H says:

    this is definitely making it to ESPN

  7. richl says:

    Thanks blog team – this one is an instant classic. Poor third slugger, but great camera work!

  8. rtjhen says:

    hehe. wish we got mike b’s grand slam, i think it was. =) good times. go giants! …wait.. nevermind..

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