What’s USF Koinonia?

First of all, what does koinonia mean?  Sound Greek to you?  Well, it is, and it means “fellowship,” as in community.

USF Koinonia is a fun, exciting, and food-loving group that meets regularly on the campus of the University of San Francisco.   USF Koinonia started in the Fall of 2007 with the purpose of bringing some joy, hope, and excitement to USF along with sharing the meaning of true Christian fellowship.  Take a look at our past events!

USF Soccer

This past year at USF Koinonia, we had many fun activities such as trips to Yosemite, Monterrey, and the Sierras, game nights at Hayes-Healy and Gilson Lounge, bonfires at Ocean Beach, sports on the USF lawn, crepe nights at Fromm, and soccer on the Koret Field.  (Also study halls during those crucial midterm and finals periods =) )

Please check us out either for Friday Bible Study or Sunday Service, both on the University of San Francisco campus.

Any questions?  Please email us at usfkoinonia@gmail.com.


2 Responses to What’s USF Koinonia?

  1. Sean says:

    We miss you too Vincent! Hope you are doing well at Fordham!

  2. Hao Vincent Ye says:

    I miss you all!!! God bless you.

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