Any places nearby where I can pick up some groceries? (Grocery)

Hey Koinonia, your fellow students need some help on where to buy their groceries.  But every shopper has different needs so feel free to answer generally on where you like to shop or where a specific shopper might find his/her groceries. And oh, if it requires public trans, help us out with that info too!


Shopper Jimmy: between 21 units and a part-time job, he doesn’t have time to cook.  A loaf of bread,  some PB & J or a box of Cup O Noodles will last him a week.

Shopper Jacques: looking to prepare a gourmet meal for his friends! Only the freshest ingredients will do!

Shopper Joe & Jane: just your average Joe/Jane, looking to find some groceries and at a decent price of course!


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