Who am I?

Take a look at this photo and make a guess at which USF Koinonia staff this might be:

Who am I? #1

Give up? Click here for the answer to the first: Who am I?


17 Responses to Who am I?

  1. rtjhen says:

    btw if you look at the bottom of the page, the link to the answer is already here. heh. and sorry, no retroactive twix winnings.

  2. anna says:

    My guess is rtjen. If there’s just 1 twix bar, I’d like to bar any more guesses on rtjen. =)

  3. Franklin says:

    I must say…that’s a pretty good puzzle. I would have to guess Sean Guo. =)

  4. jennchen says:

    wow, gordon, what sacrifice 🙂 if that was captured on video, it would be part of the Life Lessons vlog series.

  5. rtjhen says:

    everyone is eligible to win the prize!

  6. gordon says:

    Are non USF people eligible to win the prize? My guess will be Harry as well. BTW, as a dentist I would HIGHLY DISCOURAGE the use of chocolate as a prize since you know what overeating of sweets leads to- CAVITIES. So, I will sacrifice my own teeth, and take the prize so that no one else has to suffer.

  7. Sean says:

    That form is indeed very good. I’ll guess Harry because of the size of the fingers.

  8. rtjhen says:

    hehe. final call for other guesses. the mystery leaper will be revealed tomorrow.

  9. ehsia says:

    Sean Guo! Oh wait… the jumping form is too good for that.

  10. Florence says:

    This looks like a sister to me, look at the fingers!

  11. beckyfong says:

    whoever it is has excellent form. note the symmetry of the flying fingers and bent knees.
    i’d give it a “9.4”!

  12. rtjhen says:

    Hmm for those of you have already guessed once, here are more chances to win (lesser prizes, such as one Starburst or Skittle):
    Question #2: Where was this picture taken?
    Question #3: Who took this picture?

    Don’t worry, the lame posts will only get better!!

  13. wilsonjfong says:

    Clearly by the elevation of the leap, it has to be Matthew … or could it be Natalie? Hmm… wait, that’s two guesses! Doh, I lost! Sorry, Becky, no Twix…

  14. richl says:

    Teej (Mr. Teej, that is)!

  15. Ben Adkins says:


  16. rtjhen says:

    Just to let you know… to whoever guesses the correct answer first — they will win a Twix!!

    Rules and restrictions apply:
    1. You may only guess once.
    2. If you’ve seen this picture before and know who it is, you are ineligible to win. (Honor system.)
    3. If you are this person, sorry, maybe next time! Thanks!

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