Hunting This Friday?

This Friday….

Hunting for Dinner? Join us at Green & Gold @ 6:30pm!

Hunting for Treasure? Join us for our special scavenger/treasure hunt to run around campus and look at hidden treasures that silently glitter throughout the campus waiting to be found.

Hunting for Fun?  Join us for our Thanksgiving Celebration Singing & Dancing with SF State Koinonia!

So join us at Green & Gold @ 6:30pm!


9 Responses to Hunting This Friday?

  1. rtjhen says:

    scintillating arbols?…
    ‘Behold the Argonath, the Pillars of the Kings!’
    ‘Upon great pedestals founded in the deep waters stood two great kings of stone: still with blurred eyes and crannied brows they frowned upon the North. … Great power and majesty they still wore, the silent wardens of a long-vanished kingdom.’

  2. anna says:

    Can’t wait to go treasure hunting this fri! =)
    And you’re welcome MB!

  3. Mike H says:

    Bring on the dancing!

  4. richl says:

    so, does it involve nerf guns?

  5. michaelbang says:

    Thank you Anna for the study snacks! You are a heavenly child.

  6. jennchen says:

    i agree 🙂
    happy hunting!

  7. Will says:

    this post seems like a NRA ad =)

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