USF Koinonia Announcements: Wrapping up October


Here is our new Sunday message series!

Check out our skit contest at our Sierra Lodge page.  If you have any comments or observations about the trip (while it is fresh in your mind), please comment!  We did so much this past weekend, can anyone remember everything we did??

Check out the pictures on the flickr!

This week we will have bible study on Friday and a special Saturday night event, Koinonia Live!


When: 6:30pm

Where: 250 McLaren

What: Bible Study Followed by Fun with our SFSU buds.

Saturday: We are having our second annual, “KOINONIA LIVE!”

When:  8pm

Where: 250 McLaren

What: Potluck, Games, and Fellowship!

Sunday: We are having Worship Service on campus!

When: 12:30pm

Where: Green & Gold (UC-102)


9 Responses to USF Koinonia Announcements: Wrapping up October

  1. richl says:

    I had lots of fun too! The campfire(s) from the first night was a highlight, and also playing “Ultimate Ninja” on the basketball court. 😀

  2. akim says:

    How’d you get the pics up so fast? That’s great, thanks.

  3. jennchen says:

    Sierra Lodge was so much fun! The hike on the first day was probably one of my favorite parts of the trip 🙂

  4. echow says:

    Sierra Lodge was fun! I can’t wait to go again when there is snow! It was nice to see the stars of the video announcemnet “BE THERE!” This Friday and Saturday, I will BE THERE!

    There are too many favorite moments of Sierra Lodge to choose from! I think if I had to choose one, kayaking would probably be me favorite. Although, falling in felt like jumping into a bucket of ice water, it was fun. =)

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